The Sub Heineken Edition

Your Keurig handles your morning caffeine fix, and soon Krups’ Sub will start vying for a place on your countertop to help kick back and sip on a [very] cold one after work. This anodized aluminum keg-like device chills your beer, in convenient but proprietary Torp form, down to 2°C (35.6°F), several degrees colder than most refrigerator’s can muster, for optimal enjoyment. The Sub also features a satisfying pull tap to initiate pouring, a magnetic drip tray to keep your counter clean, and keeps its front-loading Torps – choices include Desperados, Birra Moretti Baffo D’Oro, Affligem, Pelforth Blonde, Wickse, and of course Heineken – fresh for up to 15 days.

Learn more at The Sub – $TBA