The Macallan x Urwerk Flask

Seeing Urwerk in the name was enough to know this was no ordinary flask. The Swiss watchmaker and the 193 year old Scotch whisky distillery’s collaborative piece, The Macallan x Urwerk Flask, is limited to 500 pieces and boasts over 150 parts to most flasks’ two or three. Its machined aluminum shell encases two titanium tanks to carry two whiskies simultaneously, switching and locking the mouthpiece to one or the other with a simple turn of its stainless steel knurled neck. So they’re not mixed up — and so a taste test isn’t required each time to tell which is which — cask indicators on the side tell you which Macallan whisky is in which tank. Rounding out its superlative features is a set of pop-out landing gear that deploy at a press of a tail-mounted button that let the flask stand freely and stably.

Learn more at The Macallan – $2,460