The Mac + Cheese Cookbook

In 1924, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine sought out to conquer the world of mac and cheese recipes, attempting to sample every recipe available at that time. The expedition ended in tragedy and it was 75 years before Irvine’s body was finally discovered. That may have been an attempt on Everest, but it certainly applies to mac and cheese aficionados (work with us here). Arevalo and Wade penned The Mac + Cheese Cookbook, a 128 page tome to explore the heights of this dish and provide a myriad of options – fifty, to be exact – for serving this favorite of children and grown men everywhere. These recipes originate from HOME, a restaurant devoted to the mac and cheese experience. There you’ll find gourmet versions of the classic along with versions never before attempted, such as dessert mac and cheese. This book even offers advice on wine and beer pairings for different recipes. What you won’t find is the elementary school version of a clumpy, gooey, rubbery mess. For that, you’ll have to buy Kraft.

Pick up a copy on Amazon – $12