The Living Cube

It might seem a little counterintuitive that a lack of space could be remedied by installing a shed-sized dresser, but bear with us. The Living Cube is a customizable and ultra practical piece of furniture that organizes your stuff in a perfectly palpable manner in a form ideal for a loft or other open space. It comes ready to engulf a TV (diagonal space up to 48 inches), your media – CDs, DVDs, vinyls, paper files, etc – shoes, clothes, more miscellaneous stuff in its walk-in closet (hidden office, anyone?), and has a built-in slatted frame on the top for a bed, easily accessible thanks to a ladder on one side. Better yet, it’s got a trap door up top for access to the inside and is fully customizable to your exact needs, with options such as bed railings, drawers, a fold out table, and much more.

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