The Black Tux

Did you really think James Bond packed all those tuxes wherever he went? White ones, black ones, not to mention shirts, ties, cufflinks, plus his PPK (okay, so he probably did always pack his PPK). But if you need a svelte tuxedo, The Black Tux has you covered. This service is incredibly simple to use and allows the “tuxee” to wear designer brands, hand-picked by fashion experts and tailored to their measurements. First, pick out your tux, shirt, studs, ties, cummerbunds, or anything else you need to look 007ish. Next get measured. Then get excited as you wait for your tux to arrive. You’ll have a week to wear it around before returning it in the same box it came in, with a postage paid label. There’ll be no evidence you ever had the tux at all, except the smile on your face most people won’t understand (and maybe a few pictures).

Check out the full lineup at The Black Tux – $95 to $110