The Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

Like many, we’re rather dependant on our morning coffee to get our day started, lest we stumble around in a half-zombified state. Josh Renouf capitalizes on our full-blown addiction with The Barisieur, an alarm clock that incites you to get out of bed with the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. At the set time, The Barisieur boils water, forcing it up and out of the erlenmeyer and pouring it onto the grind-filled filter to slowly brew a cup of java. It also stashes a bit of milk (cooled of course), a removable coaster, extra grinds, and sugar, meaning you’ll walk out of the bedroom – or stay in bed – with a cup that’s already customized to your taste.

Learn more at Josh Renouf Design – $TBA [via]