TextBlade Keyboard

Can’t find a keyboard small enough for your carry? WayTools’ TextBlade keyboard should fit the bill. This downright minuscule keyboard is about as small as it gets without relying on laser-projection device. When packed, TextBlade’s components stack and slide into the NanoStand, which also doubles as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. When typing quickly is paramount, the three components come together magnetically, granting access to a full QWERTY keyboard with comfortably-spaced keys that are slightly compressed vertically. Typing on a TextBlade can quickly begin to rival typing speeds on a standard keyboard after a few days of practice, potentially even surpassing the latter since less finger movement is required. It also boasts one month-long battery life, recharges with a concealed, pop-out charger, and sports a bar of LEDs that detail remaining battery.

Check it out at Waytools – $100 [via]