Tex-Lock Textile Bike Lock

The benefits of using textiles in a bike lock are obvious, namely flexibility and low weight. And so is its drawback in being easy to cut, or so you’d think. Yet besides getting frayed the Tex-Lock Textile Bike Lock doesn’t give in to bolt cutters nearly as fast as chains or traditional metal wire bike locks. Four of the lock’s five layers (all but the decorative outside) protect it from attacks, with a water shield, a fireproof shield under that, then a cut resistant layer over the saw resistant core. Three sizes include small and medium versions and an XL variant that’s got a big eyelet through which to slip the rope and make creative use of its full 70-inch length. It also won’t ever scratch your bike’s frame, includes a magnetic saddle mount for small and medium sizes, and comes in four colors — grey/black, black/gold, neon salmon, plus a more traditional all-black — that are a welcome departure from the stark looks of every other bike lock you’ve owned.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $97