Tessel Anti-Gravity Pack

Space, the final frontier, unless you count the ocean of which less than 5% has been explored. But most agree that as kids we wanted to be astronauts, not fish. So what could be cooler than gear designed and inspired by the space program? The modular Anti-Gravity System is comprised of 4 individual bags, The Anti-Gravity Pack, Rover, Lander and Fuel Cell. First, the Anti-Gravity Pack, is made of 420 D coated nylon with integrated sternum strap and ventilated shoulder straps, a notebook sleeve and 2 hidden pockets, as well as magnetic hardware to attach to other components (Rover & Fuel Cell). The Rover, a case designed for pencils, pens, styluses, zip drives, keys, and your communication equipment (phone), features the necessary magnetic coupling technology to secure it to the Pack. The Lander is reminiscent of bags that held the space helmets of old. It’s designed to carry your 15” laptop with its fully padded, fur-lined interior and features nylon webbing handles for easy carry, plus magnetic attachment points for the final piece of the Anti-Gravity gear carry solution. The Fuel Cell, as its name implies, is perfect for carrying cables, battery packs, hard drives and also mini-tablets. Like the Lander, it boasts a fur-lined interior and is built to the same specs as the entire Gravity collection. So forget the moon and customize your carry for anything Terra Firma can throw your way.

Find it on Kickstarter – $70+