Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model S is spacious but it’s no sports utility vehicle. The newly unveiled Model X, on the other hand, is just that. Big enough to seat seven adults plus gear and equipped with dual 259 horsepower front and rear motors — or 259 and 503 horses in the front and rear, respectively, in the case of the P90D — this sports utility vehicle still manages to go from 0 to 60 in as little as 3.2 seconds and run for 250 miles on a charge. But don’t think the fact that it’s electric hinders performance: it’ll endowed with a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, boasts all-wheel drive, and features a very low center of gravity (thanks to its battery placement) that negatives the risk of rollover to add to Tesla’s obsessive safety record. Other interesting features include rear Falcon Wing doors that open while requiring little clearance, the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV, and the largest all-glass panoramic windshield currently in production.

Delivering in 2016. Read more at Tesla Motors – $132,000+