Tesla Model S

The Chevy Volt is pretty awesome as far as electric cars go, but this is more our style. While not as quick as the Tesla Roadster, the Model S still packs some punch, hitting 60mph in 5.6 seconds, with a top speed of 130mph. The flat torque curve ensures solid acceleration through all speeds, something most gasoline engines could only dream of.

With 3 battery options, the range varies between 160 and 300 miles, the former being impressive, even without the upgrade. Best of all, Tesla chases away all charging worries: a half charge can be attained in as little as half an hour – just like a cell phone.

We expected the price to make us cringe, but the base model actually starts at a very reasonable 50K$ – after federal tax credit. Who knew saving the environment could be this awesome? Visit Tesla Motors to read more.