Teodoor Smart Lock

There’s no keypad, nor a dizzying amount of buttons on the Teodoor Smart Lock, which installs on the inside of your door rather than outside (the reason for this in a minute). Instead, interacting with it physically is as simple as twisting its circular handle, though of course the accompanying Bluetooth-connected app can handle this for you with a click. This system is easier to install than most smart locks since it sits over your existing cylinder deadbolt mechanism, replacing the cylinder itself in a couple of minutes and with just a screwdriver. The outer lock can still be accessed as usual using the same old key you’ve always used, and a set of CR123A batteries powers the thing for a year (though of course it’ll warn you through the app when charge is low). Otherwise the app lets you grant permission to others to access your home — like a friend to water your plants while you’re away, etc — and an optional WiFi adapter also adds on extra functionality like door movement sensing to warn you of suspicious activity.

Find it at Kickstarter – $100