Tentsile Flite

If outdoor adventure is as commonplace for you as sitting in a board room, the Flite two-person tree tent is your ideal companion. Forget muddy, bumpy and lumpy camping sites — access to a couple of trees you’ll separate yourself from uncomfortable sleep and heat sapping earth, not to mention insects, snakes and the passing chubrakabra. In less than ten minutes the roomy 8’ x 12’ Flite offers protection for two in a package that weighs in at under 2.5 pounds thanks to its single ratchet design that saves weight without sacrificing strength. The Flite also comes complete with a waterproof flysheet covering its tear-resistant insect mesh roof. With a max weight limit of 485 lbs pounds you’ll be able to keep covered and dry with a friend and all your gear. Getting along in close quarters is up to you.

Learn more at Tensile – $350