Teckell 90° Minuto Foosball Table

Remember playing foosball at the skating rink, school cafeteria, or arcade on a worn down greasy foosball table? This is not that same game – this foosball is sexy. Teckell has recreated a game that was reminiscent of sticky floored game rooms and made it look so good you don’t want to touch it. Forget the traditional blocky structure you’re familiar with; instead, the 90 Minuto is supported by a sleek, elegant wooden frame, creating a modern feel to this alluring table. Glass walls support the players while all the engineering and technology lay concealed in the Minuto’s enchanting lines. If there is such a thing as perfection in a foosball table, this is it.

Check out the full collection at Teckell, or order on YLiving– $14,900