Tashtego Roll-Up Dopp Kit

It’s a little unconventional, but this sort of change is more than welcome. The Tashtego Roll-Up Dopp Kit is crafted to resemble a tool roll more than a traditional travel kit, which are typically simple bags with one or two compartments full of haphazardly strewn stuff. It’s made of durable #10 waxed cotton canvas and features ten pockets with various widths and depths to hold everything from your toothbrush to a bar of deodorant, plus an eleventh zippered one at the end to be filled with miscellaneous smaller, easy-to-lose goods. Once packed, fold the flap down to prevent items from touching each other (or falling out), roll it up, and secure it with the thick 7 oz vegetable-tanned leather strap. And once at your destination unrolling it gives you plain and simple access to all your stuff, no digging around required.

Find it at Kickstarter – $35,