Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving

Tanner Goods is synonymous with quality leather goods. But they’ve been distinguishing themselves from traditional brands in other categories of late, and Tanner Goods’ Tekio Modular Shelving is just another fine example of this. These USA-made storage systems are crafted of quality hardwoods, steel, and aluminum, fitting nicely into modern spaces such as a home, office, or even retail shop. They ship flat packed and build up easily like would ubiquitous Swedish wares. Once the extruded aluminum frame is set up the shelves and cabinets can be moved up and down and configured as needed for the job at hand. And as your space grows and changes so can the system, combining together with additional units to store more stuff and fill larger walls.

Find it in all nine configurations at Tanner Goods (or read more here) – $1,270+