Tan Leather & Concrete Valet Tray

A commercial gardener and engineer, Joseph Monier was many things. One of those things was saggy in the pants due to his cumbersome EDC. He was unsure of how to remedy his pants problem, but he did know what to do about the gear once he made it home or to the office. Drop them in a concrete tray. So in 1849 Joe invented concrete, as we know it. Sure it was used in buildings, bridges, and the Hoover Dam, but its real purpose was to keep keys, pens, phones and the like from rolling off his desk. Owen and Fred take over where The Big J left off with their Tan Leather and Concrete Valet Tray. Wickett & Craig provide waxy bridle leather to ensure your gear is safe and scratch free while a concrete base keeps everything anchored where it should be. With walls over an inch in height your wallet will never find its way to the floor without you again.

Grab one at Owen & Fred – $54