Tamarack Constellation Rooftop Tent

When the ancients looked to the sky they marked the seasons and interpreted signs with Orion, Andromeda, Reticulum and the Tamarack Constellations. Okay, scrub the latter from that list. The Tamarack Constellation is in fact a Rooftop Tent conceived by Treeline Outdoors, with a patent pending design reduces weight by using a super lightweight aluminum honeycomb base for support, materials that improves water shedding, and optimized aerodynamics thanks to a low profile (when collapsed). Oversized awning windows roll up allowing for unrestricted views of the sky and surroundings, while Diamond Ripstop rainfly skylights keep out water. Like all of Treeline’s tents, the Tamarack sets up and breaks down in minutes and comes with a built in high density foam mattress. It’s also got insect-proof No-see-um mesh throughout, a unisex emergency urinal, additional tent material for repairs, and of course fits on any vehicle with a roof rack of at least 37-inches wide.

Check out Treeline Outdoors’ full lineup – $1,700 to $2,400