Tactile Turn Glider Pen

Ever owned a good metal pen? They last surprisingly long, which is to say most likely forever, and are far more pleasant to use than disposable plastic ballpoints. The Tactile Turn Glider Pen is one such example, machined of either 360 brass or 304 stainless steel and fitted with a clip made of the latter. While it’s equipped with a bolt-action mechanism it’s one unlike any other since the path is given a C-shape that lets you advance or retract the contained ink cartridge (see full list of compatible cartridges here, but it’ll fit Pilot’s G2 and Hi-Tec C Cavalier which is really all we needed to know) with one fluid motion. Which also means it’s a solid fidget gadget on top of being a writing implement that’ll stand the test of time.

Grab one at the Cool Material Shop – $60