Tab Convertible Bag

Designing a bag to replace all your bags may be a nigh-impossible task but the Tab Convertible Bag comes as close to that elusive goal as any. Using an innovative cinch system, Tab can be collapsed or grown to three sizes — 31, 46.5, or 62 litres, depending on what you’re carrying — or even packed down into a compact ball for storage. It’s not just stuck to being a duffle, either, with straps that can be configured for backpack wear to safely lug heavier loads. Despite all of this it’s still rather light at 1.2 pounds, weather resistant thanks to a DWR ripstop nylon build fitted with waterproof zippers, and features an electric blue inner lining that makes finding stuff inside easier and that’s starkly contrasted with its murdered out black exterior.

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $90