Swiza Swiss Pocket Knife

They’re not a newly founded company — in fact, Swiza has been making clocks and watches in Switzerland for over a century. But this is their first stab (sorry) at a Swiss Knife, and a damn good one at that. The Swiza Swiss Pocket Knife is not technically a Swiss Army Knife since they’re not being supplied to the military, but the folding knife is instantly recognizable thanks to a red grip on either side of its handle, one that’s adorned with a prominent white cross. Sure-grip soft touch handles are more ergonomic to grip than the standard, while full die-cut slots make it equally easy to open with either hand. Features include a 75mm locking blade that unlocks at the press of the cross, a bottle opener, can opener, two flatheads, a corkscrew, a reamer, a sewing awl, and a pair of tweezers. Available in bright red as well as black, white, blue, and yellow, and in a stripped down model with just the core features.

Grab one at Amazon or Swiza – $30+