Survival Belts

Functionality and style need not be mutually exclusive. Slide Belt’s Survival model couples an insanely durable strap – it’s waterproof, abrasion resistant, UV protected, and flexes like normal even at sub-zero temperatures – with a hole-less belt buckle that locks the belt at 1/4-inch intervals, attaining lengths far more precise than with typical eyelets. Get the right color (namely, black), and a Survival Belt will look as good on a suit as it would heading off into the woods. Each beltĀ also sports a built-in bottle opener, though throwing over a bit of extra cash nabs you The Survivor, which also stashes a striker and ferrocerium fire starter rod rated for 1,000 strikes.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $59 to $89 (with fire starter)