Supersense 66/6 Pinhole Camera

66 years ago, Edwin Land’s Polaroid sold their first instant camera, and 6 years ago, expected to close their last factory. But since the magic of Polaroid lives on through The Impossible Project — who bought Polaroid’s lone remaining factory — it’s only normal that this film and the rebellious photographers who still use it get a modernized version of the instant camera. Supersense’s 66/6 is based on The Impossible Project’s Film Processing Unit and takes things back to basics with its expandable rubber bellows and two pinhole shutters for different exposure times and light conditions. The 66/6 also comes with an exposure calculation chart, a hand numbered original Edwin Landis, and is compatible with all Impossible square format films. Sure, it takes a bit more thinking and elbow grease to pull off great photos than Instagram does, but the result is worth the effort.

Learn more at Supersense – roughly $275