Super 73 Electric Bike

Go anywhere without breaking a sweat or producing an ounce of carbon dioxide (from your vehicle, anyway) with the Super 73 Electric Bike. This retro-looking cruiser is simultaneously a lot less noisy and more high-tech than anything motor-powered that resembles it from the ’70s, with a mid-mounted 1,000 watt electric motor, a thumb throttle for control over speed, as well as an LCD screen that displays speed and distance covered. A removable (and lockable, for security) lithium-ion battery has your back for 20 miles and recharges in under 4 hours. Of course you can pedal if you so desire, with an assist mode that gives you an extra boost to greatly extend range. Large disc brakes coupled to more rubber on the floor (thanks to cushiony 4.25-inch wide tires) give the bike tremendous stopping power, with the motor shutting off automatically when doing so. It’s also got a cup holder, a bottle opener, and a top speed of 30 mph. But if you’re worried that’s too fast — or if it’s breaking the local bike speed limit — electronically capping it is as easy as fiddling with its control unit.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $1,800