SunJack LightStick

Before SunJack, a lightstick was just another fluorescent bulb. But the advent of their new LightStick may change the way you look at flashlights. This portable power source of 5,200mAh can refill up to three smartphones on top of illuminating your way for up to 46 hours per charge. Five small blue lights tell you how much power is left and when it’s empty you can use a conventional wall outlet, USB, or the SunJack Portable Solar Charger to reenergize. Three illumination levels — the highest of which outputs 350 lumens — plus a strobe make the LightStick more than just a flashlight but also a piece of survival/camping/emergency gear. Don’t worry about rough terrain or water. The LightStick is rugged and waterproof to six feet. And, as in many things, small engineering details makes the difference. LightStick’s oblong end caps to keep the unit from rolling while a recessed power button minimizes accidental power-ons, and in case of capsize it even floats.

Grab one at Amazon – $41