Oliver Terminal Tech Tee

Athletes and highly active individuals need only the best when it comes to performance wear. Unfortunately, many of the conventional tees come with cotton that, while it is absorbent, does not allow for the more efficient management of perspiration. The Olivers Terminal Tech features a unique combination of Merino wool and polyester. The Merino is placed on the interior of the tee to give you excellent moisture absorption….



Batch Summer Utility Shirts

Using their popular styles as a starting point, Batch’s Summer Utility Shirts now come in lighter, airier versions perfectly suited to the warmer months. Their Editor, Freelancer, and Tactician shirts — which aren’t mass-produced but rather handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and durability — can now be had in a tough yet lightweight pinpoint oxford while otherwise retaining their exclusive tailored fit, no-fuss button-down collar, and classic utility styling. A selection of colors suits your seasonal lineup and looks…

GET IT: $82


Batch Freelancer Shirt

As flexible and versatile as you, Batch’s Freelancer Shirt is particularly well suited in taking you from your desk to enjoying a night out afterwards, and everywhere in between. While its utility roots and dual expanding chest pockets lend the shirt a rugged masculinity, its refined fit and soft, 100% cotton fabric are closer to what you’d find in a fine dress shirt to ensure you look always…

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Betabrand Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants

Read their name and you instantly know that Betabrand’s genius Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants solve a serious problem inherent in most sweatpants: their pockets, which dump out most or all of their contents the second you sit down. Betabrand’s sweats instead boast reverse-entry front pockets that are easier to access, more secure against pickpockets, and also won’t spill your wallet, keys, and spare change on the floor whilst sitting. A welt pocket in the back also…

GET IT: $80


Batch Utility Shirt

Combining all the functionality and masculinity of a work shirt with the fit, fabric, and looks of a dressier piece, Batch’s Utility Shirt is a cut above your average shirt of the same moniker. Appropriately, all seams are reinforced and it’s fitted with two dimensional chest pockets for a rugged aesthetic that’s in part disarmed by the premium super soft mercerized cotton. It’s also got a smart button down…

GET IT: $82+


Threadsmiths Hydrophobic Shirts

Sometimes an idea is sparked by the errant flap of a curtain, watching a squirrel eat a nut, or observing how a lotus leaf sheds water. In the case of Threadsmiths inspiration struck from the latter. Their obsession with creating the perfect t-shirt began in 2014 and has since expanded to pioneer a new era of essential everyday apparel including tees, polos, and dress shirts. Each was designed from the ground…

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Conceived by Mininch — the guys who came up with the Tool Pen, Tool Pen Mini, and Wrenchit — Duoket this time isn’t a tool but is equally ingenious. Duoket is both a jacket and bag, switching between the two at a whim with nothing but a zip/unzip and making it easier to tackle chilly morning commutes without having to deal with carrying your jacket by hand in the evening. The…

GET IT: $120


Outlier Co/Weight Pullover Hoodie

It’s devoid of apparent branding, but don’t let that fool you: Outlier’s Co/Weight Pullover Hoodie may be as close to perfect as a hoodie can get. Its knit terry construction combines a matte cotton outer with a soft merino wool inner for a substantial hoodie that looks like it’s made entirely of cotton but that’s better at thermoregulation and at fighting odors than the former alone. It’ll keep you…

GET IT: $225


Columbia Rogue One Jackets

If they’re warm enough for deep space then they should do the trick on planet earth. Columbia’s Rogue One Jackets take inspiration from characters in the upcoming Star Wars flick, including Jyn Erso’s jacket and vest set, Captain Cassian Andor’s parka, and a breathable rain jacket that’s based off the Imperial Death Trooper costume. They’re all fully functional and perfectly suited to inclement weather, with a removable quilted…

GET IT: $400+


Burton x South Park Hats

South Park’s been on air for an astounding twenty seasons. The Burton x South Park collection celebrates that milestone with an assortment of accessories pulled straight from the show including Kenny’s hood, Kyle’s green trapper, and both Cartman and Stan’s beanies. They’re all perfectly wearable — as you’d expect of any Burton product — for braving the cold winter months, with a Sherpa fleece lining on the trapper and Thermex bonded…

GET IT: $30+


Filson Packer Coat

Without form, function is irrelevant. Who wants a coat that just has a great personality? Filson’s Packer coat has function backed up by 120 years of experience and enough form to make even the fugliest mug look rugged and handsome. The Packer’s rain repellant, 24-ounce 100% virgin Mackinaw Wool is cut for optimum freedom of movement and ultimate warmth. Like Filson’s Double Mackinaw Cruiser, the Packer features a…

GET IT: $495


Wings+Horns Cabin Fleece

If coziness is of upmost importance to you during the cold winter months you’ll be hard pressed to find better than the Wings+Horns Cabin Fleece. With a boxing-inspired cut, this robe is made of a custom triple-layered fabric that’s lined on the inside with a soft, warm quilt. It’s lighter than it looks, though, and boasts sweatshirt-like features including front patch pockets, rib cuffs, and a large sheltering hood. Find it at…

GET IT: ~$171


Challky T-Shirt

Unlike graphic tees the Challky T-Shirt gives you a blank canvas in the form of a rectangular drawable surface (more specifically a multi-layered serigraphy print) that’s akin to a chalk board. Draw whatever you’d like on it with some chalk, then wear it. A full wash cycle, while very effective, isn’t necessary to clean off the chalk since it’s really just like a chalkboard — just a sponge and some water…

GET IT: $35


Coldsmoke MA-1 Flight Jacket

Coldsmoke’s take on the classic military bomber resulted in the cleaner, urban-tailored MA-1 Flight Jacket. It loses the elastic waistband and boasts a slimmer fit, as well as Japanese weather resistant flight cloth fabric on the outside for solid protection against the elements. Inside you’ll find Polartec Alpha insulation for warmth that’s coupled to a flip-up knit shawl collar to keep your neck a bit warmer in cooler weather. It’s also got plenty of pockets, including…

GET IT: $340


Stantt DataFit Polo

Small, medium, and large do the job for a few, but attaining a perfect fit takes tailoring. Or something like Stantt’s DataFit sizing, originally launched with their button downs. It’s now made its way to the polo as well as the t-shirt, providing 75 distinct sizes for each that better accommodate the dimensions of your actual body and not some loose-fitting, “close enough” standard. Finding yours is as easy as submitting three measurements which they’ll then…


Hands On: Arc’teryx Beta AR

Every time we got caught in the rain, we swore we’d buy a waterproof shell — which we eventually did, minus much diligent research. And wearing that cheap polyester shell zipped up made us feel like a turkey wrapped with tin foil in an oven. GORE-TEX, eVent, and other patented breathable technologies, they say, make for a far more comfortable jacket than what was essentially a plastic garbage bag with sleeves. We got our hands on…


Prometheus JAAC Pullover Hoodie

Clean and minimal on the outside, Prometheus Design Werx’s JAAC Pullover is as versatile as a lightweight fleece hoodie gets. Its hood boasts a slight sun brim and a shape that’s inspired by the patterning on a baseball for a perfect rounded fit, while the hoodie’s waist is cut a bit longer to avoid riding up if you’re running or biking. It’s equipped with a classic kangaroo pass-through pocket that’s got a…


Mack Weldon Vesper Polo

If there’s anyone who knows how to wear a great polo, it’s 007. The iconic hero has inspired generations of guys to dress better, so it should come as no shock that his style was the perfect inspiration for the latest wardrobe essential from Mack Weldon. Named after the original martini sipped by James Bond (not to mention his first love), the Vesper Polo updates a warm-weather piece…


Todd Snyder Aviator Jacket

Sometimes simple, classic style is the way to go. When it comes to outerwear that you need to throw on at a moment’s notice and over about any outfit you can dream up, those qualities are even more true. That’s what makes the Todd Snyder Aviator Jacket so essential — the silhouette is classic, the construction and quality are on-point, and the color is endlessly versatile. It’s made in…



The last time you wore pants with feet you were likely yea high and had a diaper on underneath. But the real question is why did you ever stop? Feejays manufactures those same kind of pants but for adults in a handful of colors, each made with cozy hand pockets, a comfy drawstring waistband (as on any self-respecting sweatpants), and ultra plush Sherpa-lined feet attached. If it gets too warm just pop…


Snow Peak Insect Shield Parka

Insects: they’re the worst. Show the little buggers they’re not welcome with the Snow Peak Insect Shield Parka, which is basically a wearable, airy bug net that leaves ventilation almost completely unimpeded. The polyester fabric itself is imbued with an insect repellant to further stave off and/or kill mosquitoes that come your way, and the front of the hood zips up to the top of your head to fully cover your face should…


Canada Goose Brunswick Anorak Shell

Normally known for its ridiculously tough-wearing, extremely durable outerwear crafted for the most frigid conditions on the planet, Canada Goose is also slowly reinventing itself into a brand you should reach for when the weather isn’t so chilly. Their Brunswick Anorak Shell is made from breathable Bi-Durance.5 fabric — it’s ultra-lightweight and 100 percent waterproof, so you know it can handle precipitations ranging from torrential spring rains to a light drizzle. The magnet…


Buck Mason Midnight Long Sleeve Tee

The days of wearing a ratty tee on the weekends (or during the week, for that matter) should be long gone. Luckily, that’s all the easier to accomplish thanks to Buck Mason’s heritage-inspired approach to crafting perfect tees. They’re a significant style upgrade whether rocked under a lightweight wool blazer in winter or with a chunky shawl cardigan in the fall. Add in the fact that the Midnight…


Bridge & Burn Knoll Navy Jacket

Military and workwear are a constant source of inspiration for brands crafting collections. Bridge & Burn takes that rugged design inspiration and channels it into an aesthetic of its own, resulting in the Knoll Navy Canvas Jacket, a piece influenced by rough-and-tumble outerwear of years past. The Knoll changes up a few key styling details — namely the riveted hand pockets — and adds a zippered chest pocket for your phone (certainly…