Strike Smart Baseball

As smart phones become smarter, they’ve started passing on their intelligence to more than just other electronics. For instance Strike, the worlds first smart baseball. This smart ball, made to the exact weight and dimension specifications of an official baseball, tracks the speed of your throw, the spins of your ball, maps the trajectory of each throw and is even sophisticated enough to tell you the axis on which the ball is rotating. Once you’ve linked up the ball to the app on your phone, all this information is rendered and mapped out on an interactive 3D simulation that allows for a deeper look at all angles of the ball’s trajectory to see if you really did land that perfect curveball. It even keeps track of the ball’s location once it’s hit its target, measuring the precision of your throws. And don’t worry: rigorous testing has been conducted to ensure the ball can handle impacts at 90mph without breaking or taking any damage. Check out their kickstarter page and get the perfect gift for you friend who thinks he’s a better pitcher than you are.

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $100