Strietman ES3 Espresso Maker

Individualize your espresso brewing with Strietman’s ES3 Espresso Maker, a machine that’s without the bells and whistles of high-end automated models but that’s as much a work of art as any. Over-engineered and overbuilt, ES3 installs on a wall thanks to an included mount and features an electric open boiler that heats up to 350ml of water, a lever mechanism to manually press a column of water through the grinds, and a double spout to prepare up to two shots at once. Sure, the manual lever detracts from consistency – at least until the timings and pressure applied are mastered by the user – but it makes pulling off a great shot that much more satisfying. Just make sure it’s mounted solidly lest you get drywall in your cup.

Learn more at Strietman – roughly $1700