Strida Evo Foldable Bike

There’s your run-of-the-mill folding bike, then there’s Strida’s Evo. While not the fastest around, the Evo makes up for it in convenience thanks to a rock solid triangular design that folds and unfolds in under 10 seconds, no tools required, making it perfect for quick trips or coordinating your commute with public transit. Impressively, Evo’s got dual disk brakes, an aluminum build, and a three speed gear system that shifts by pedalling backwards. It’s also amongst the lightest around (28 pounds, though Strida makes lighter models), uses a clean, grease-free belt instead of chains, rolls easily when folded, and features a tiny, go-anywhere footprint ideal for city riding.

Learn more about the (mostly less pricy) full lineup at Strida or grab one at Amazon – roughly $1,450 [via]