STOA Replay Arcade Cabinets

In this day and age where gaming is a literal profession for some, nearly as much attention is given to video game systems of old as it is to newer games. Case in point: the sold-out Nintendo NES Classic Edition, the Analogue NT, and now STOA’s Replay Arcade Cabinets. These retro gaming cabinets are premium and bespoke, above all else, and feature seamless designs, high quality paint jobs, and a laser-cut LED-backlit logo. It’ll look at home in any self-respecting man cave and boasts the same big colorful buttons and precise joysticks that you used to abuse in the arcade back in the day, though it ditches the cathode ray tube monitors for modern LCD monitors with a scanline generator to fill every other line on the monitor with a black line, so it looks just like it should.

Learn more at STOA – $5,000+