SteriPEN Traveler Water Purifier

If you’re travelling where water quality is sketchy and where carrying around activated charcoal, cellulose fibers and carbon granules would be more trouble than it’s worth, the SteriPEN Traveler is for you. In seconds, Traveler’s germicidal UV light creates safe drinking water by destroying bacteria, viruses and protozoa, and it’s as easy as pushing the button to activate, immersing the SteriPEN Traveler in your bottle or glass, then stirring. In 48 seconds you’ll have 16-ounces of clean water, or a full liter in 90. Else, the device was designed to fit inside standard water bottles making for easy decontamination on the go, and provides 3,000 water treatments per UV lamp, though one set of AA batteries will purify 100 liters. That’s enough purified H20 to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool, or at least a couple hundred 16oz bottles.

Find it at Amazon – $43