Stealth Socks

Increasingly, guys have started minding style, making details increasingly important. That includes socks, and dovetails with the intertwining worlds of fashion and technology. Maison Impeccable’s Stealth Socks combine style, sustainability and functionality by using mesh ventilation zones that wick moisture two times faster than merino wool socks and four times faster than other cotton/poly blend pairs. Better yet, a polymeric silver matrix adds antimicrobial odor-fighting abilities to the fabric that stay there through well over a hundred washings. The ankle and hexagonal cushioning zones offers tons of comfort all day long, along with a non-slip calf cuff. Plus, you’ve got your pick of nine unique patterns, including, from left to right, Nocturne, Royale, and Rugger.

Grab a two pack at Kickstarter – $32+