Stash Inflatable Coolers

Our main gripe with rigid-walled coolers is that they’re as big empty as they are full. Which also means they take up way more room to store. West Marine-exclusive Stash Inflatable Coolers, on the other hand, offer the main benefits associated with hard-walled coolers — like ample storage space, drain plugs, and handles on either side to make it easier for two to carry — while also squeezing down small when not in use. An included pump fills its walls’ three air chambers with air for rigidity through a single valve and also helps speed up the deflation process later on. Since the walls are technically soft they can also bend more outwards when overstuffed, though with capacities going up to as much as 604 quarts you can pack enough beer (numbering in the hundreds if we’re talking about cans) to feed a small army.

View the whole lineup at West Marine – $400 to $1,000 [via]