Stand Desk

We’ve long heard of the health benefits of standing desks, but without any reasonably priced options the only solution has been placing our pricy notebook computer atop a precarious stack of books (something we evidently don’t practice very often). Finally one hits the mark that’s set at only twice the price of a typical Ikea desk, and just as easy to build as one, too. Stand Desk is based on a steel frame fitted with a laminate or bamboo surface, and adjusts anywhere from 28 to 45 inches in height. Better yet, this takes virtually no effort, as a built-in motor handles the load and raises up to 225 pounds at a speed of 0.75-inches per second, letting you switch between sitting and standing in seconds. A premium model includes controls with 4 memory preset options and every unit includes a cable management tray to handle the ups and downs.

Reserve yours at Kickstarter – $400+