Staaker Auto-Follow Drone

Skilled enough in a sport that you’d want to show off footage of you doing your thing? The Staaker Auto-Follow Drone will get it all on film, from the best angles, with minimal setup necessary: just strap the included tracker on your arm and get to it. Sophisticated artificial intelligence anticipates your movements and positions the attached GoPro camera optimally to never miss a frame. It’ll simply follow from behind, from a specific angle, circle around you, hover in one spot, or give you the reigns via its tracker which doubles as a remote control. A lightweight, collapsible design keeps it compact and packable, and setup is a brisk 30 seconds from folded to flying. Plus it’s weatherproof, flying in snow, wind, and rain, and fast, attaining speeds of up to 50 miles per hour as necessary.

Learn more at Staaker – $1,200