Staad Laptop BackPack

In our eyes, backpacks are king for most situations – they’re just one less thing to carry with our hands – but showing up to work with our hardcore hiking packs usually sends a few heads turning. Waterfield Designs’ Staad, on the other hand, fits right in. These durable bags are made of waxed canvas or ballistic nylon and capped with a leather flap that stays secured shut thanks to a vintage WWII-era buckle. They’ve also got a multitude of organizational pockets, including one zippered side pocket on each side for on-the-go access, plus cushioned compartments for tablets and laptops (up to 13″ on the slim, shown, and up to 15″ on the slightly larger stout).

Grab a Staad in one of a large combination of colors at Waterfield Designs – $320 (slim) to $330 (stout)