Sprite Portable Drone

Enclosed within a compact vertically-oriented airframe, Sprite looks nothing like the drones you’re used to, leveraging its size and ultra portable form factor to its advantage. Sprite features a fully waterproof body that floats and takes off right from your hand using coaxial rotors and can be flown live using an optional remote control transmitter or programmed using various GPS-driven sophisticated autonomous flight modes, no controller needed. A modular base also allows for hot-swapping payloads, which include a 2-axis camera module equipped with a 1080p video camera and that also accommodates your GoPro. It’s also incredibly easy to use despite its features, boasts a 4 mile range, and lands virtually anywhere, stopping its foldable rotors at ground level using brakes before toppling over harmlessly.

Read more at Kickstarter – $800+