Spin Chill

Nobody’ll dispute the fact that warm beer just plain sucks. Truthfully, we’re not even all that fond of cool-ish beer – we’re only really fully content when our suds are basically ice cold. We’ve tried all sorts of tricks, mostly unsuccessfully, but it looks like Spin Chill is by far the best bet. Conceived to cool beer in a hurry, Spin Chill comes in two varieties – the Chill Bit, which fits on a power drill, and the Beerouette, a standalone device complete with a motor, batteries, and an on-switch  – both which essentially spin a beer can or bottle really fast in ice or ice water. The result is a beer that’s cooled in about a minute thanks to convection and greatly increased contact area with the ice, and – surprisingly – that foams less when eventually cracked open.

Find it at Amazon (Beerouette) or at Spin Chill (Bit or Beerouette) – $15 to 30