Spartan Blades Ares

A few years back, Zeus hooked up with Hera. This resulted in the birth of Ares. Ares was a good kid. He got decent grades but never really applied himself. After just one semester of college he dropped out and moved back to Mt. Olympus. That didn’t sit well with his old man and in exchange for room and board he had to work. As is the case in so many families, this could have resulted in a relational schism between father and son. Fortunately, Ares loved his new job. So much so that after just one day he dedicated his life’s work to his new calling. Ares the dropout became Ares, god of savage war, bloodlust and slaughter. Had he a knife, the Spartan Blades Ares would be it. Crafted from CPM S35VN steel with a beefy 3/16″ thickness, the 10.5-inch knife and 5 & 3/8” fixed drop point blade allows for strength of the blade tip by placing it in line with the users hand while keeping the upward curve of the cutting edge. The 59-60 HRC blade comes finished in flat black or flat dark earth with black or green canvas micarta handles.

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