Sparse Fixed Bike Light

We’ve long avoided spending much on bike accessories since they’re often just too easy to steal, and we’d rather not spend our lunch or coffee breaks constantly looking out the window in paranoia. Sparse solves this problem, at least for bike lights, offering two lighting solutions that are stolen with extreme difficulty. Their front-facing spacer light lies beneath your stem in the stack of spacers, meaning it’s not coming off (unless your thief is planning to leave with your handlebars, too). Similar deal with their taillight, which slips onto your seat post. They’re also bright (220 lumens front, 40 lumens back), cast from metal, not plastic, are water resistant, and run for up to 4 hours per charge of their built-in lithium-polymer batteries.

Find them at Amazon orĀ Sparse – $140 for a front/tail light set, or $65+ individually