Soundmatters foxL DASH 7 Bluetooth Speaker

Its name might be more than a mouthful, but then so is Soundmatters’ foxL DASH 7’s sound quality. This ultraportable speaker is just 3/4 of an inch thick, perfect for slipping into a small bag or big pocket and making it the slimmest, lightest Hi-Fi Bluetooth device currently on the market. Its secret is the use of two wafer-thin Soundmatters Twoofers – tweeters that double as woofers – that output crisp, clear and wide-ranging sound for up to 12 hours per charge. It also doubles as a noise-cancelling speakerphone should your listening be interrupted by a phone call, sports a 3.5mm auxiliary port for wired (and thus higher quality) playback, and pairs with the foxLO portable Subwoofer for further extended acoustic┬árange.

Available in midnight black, vibrant red or arctic white at Amazon – $220