Sony 100″ Z9D 4K HDR Television

Despite its resolution Sony’s 100-inch Z9D 4K HDR Television will have you worrying about pixel density, in large part due to sheer size. But the flagship television still greatly improves picture quality over previously available sets through the implementation of various technologies including their 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme which uses High Dynamic Range to show subtle distinctions in colors and darkness, as well as Backlight Master Drive, a backlighting system with ultra-dense LEDs and full control over the brightness of each one — not to mention minimal light diffusion to unwanted areas. It’s otherwise equipped with 3D capabilities and a clean design that won’t distract you from what you’re watching. Also available in more reasonably sized 65-inch and 75-inch versions that are available now on Amazon for $7k and $10k and that makes us more curious about the as yet unannounced price of their larger sibling.

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