Sonos Playbase Speaker

Don’t want to wall mount your TV? Don’t sweat it. The Sonos Playbase Speaker doesn’t sit in front of your television like conventional sound bars but rather beneath it, serving as a stand (for devices of up to 77 lbs) thanks to a discreet low-profile design while providing refined, room-filling sound. Setting it up is as easy as plugging in its power cord and an optical cord to your TV. Then the ten amplified drivers inside Playbase — six mid-range, three tweeters, plus one woofer, each with an accompanying class-D digital amp — get to work. It’s also as smart as any Sonos speaker with lossless WiFi streaming and effortless app integration with the rest of your Sonos arsenal, features a Night Sound setting that boosts quiet sounds while dampening louder ones to avoid disturbing the neighbors or your roommates late at night, and has touch controls right on the unit to play/pause, skip tracks, or control volume.

Learn more at Sonos – $700