SolarGaps Solar Blinds

Making use of otherwise wasted energy via solar is big. Just ask Tesla. Whether you can’t install rooftop panels or have already and need more power, there’s SolarGaps Solar Blinds. Like normal blinds they obviously keep out the sun when needed but also convert those blocked photos into electricity, paying a significant part of your air conditioning or heating bill. Each 10 square feet or so of window space occupied by SolarGaps generates about 100 to 150 Watts, or enough to power 30 LED bulb or three laptop computers. Homes with multiple windows or workspaces with wall-to-wall glass can therefore expect to generate quite a bit and cover up to 70% of their total electricity bill. An integrated motor lets the blinds also be set to track the sun, optimizing power generation throughout the day, and they can plug into a power outlet to feed electricity back into your home — and maybe even the grid, should your provider allow it.

Grab a set at Kickstarter – $390+