Solarcity Solar Roof

It’s both better looking and more durable than traditional roofs made of individual shingles. But the main factor selling Solarcity’s Solar Roof, created in collaboration with Tesla, is of course the fact that they also generate electricity passively. Designed for residential use, the tiles boast a colored louver film that bestows them with a roof-like hue and sit behind a tempered glass that’s shatterproof, making them far more durable than those currently residing on your roof. More interestingly, the high efficiency solar cell within each tile is invisible when viewed from below — i.e. street level, so that passing drivers and pedestrians won’t notice — though they’re exposed to the sun’s light from above. They’ll be available in several styles including smooth and textured traditional tiles, slate, and rounded in the style of Tuscan terracotta. Best of all once savings on your utilities are factored in the Solar Roof will cost less than what’s out there right now, so if your roof is due for a change you may want to delay until installations begin in summer 2017.

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