Softub Hot Tub

Ever try moving a hot tub? We did once, and it wasn’t pretty, so we’re well open to lighter options like the Softub Hot Tub. It’s not nearly as heavy as acrylic models and can be rolled by a single person to the installation site, setting up relatively easily by connecting a few pipes and straps. Once filled with water it’s plenty heavy so don’t worry about it flying away in heavy winds, and the accompanying HydroMate unit incorporates a pump, motor, and heater in one compact unit that runs on a standard 110V outlet. It’s also the quietest hot tub you’ll find as well as amongst the most energy efficient, and can be fitted with a wood surrounding deck. And if you ever want to move it someplace else it’s as easy as draining and dismantling.

Learn more at Softub – $3,600+ [via]