Apple’s obsession with thin-as-a-dime devices is a good thing in our books – most of the time, anyhow. One consequence of their new thinner MagSafe 2 charge cable is that it’s a little easier to accidentally disconnect when working on irregular surfaces like beds, beanbags or messy desks, and that’s where Snuglet comes in. This diminutive, gold-plated stainless steel ring fits inside the MagSafe 2 connector on your MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro, greatly boosting magnetic attraction of the connector and the port to prevent accidental disconnects. The MagSafe 2 is left to do its job, i.e. easily rip out if tripped on or pulled, while Snuglet lives within your connector until removed – if ever – using the included tool.

Get it on Amazon – $13 for a two-pack