Snow Peak Field Oven

If your camping meal plan is exclusively Chef Boyardee and instant noodles — or worse, yet if that describes a significant percentage of your meals at home — skip this one. But if your palate is resiliently refined, the Snow Peak Field Oven lets you bake things in the field that were not previously feasible without lugging a gargantuan amount of gear. The kit installs over Snow Peak’s collapsible Pack & Carry Fireplace and also requires the accompanying Grill Bridge. Once set up though it contains and amplifies the fire’s heat to attain temperatures as high as about 930 degrees Fahrenheit, or way more than enough to bake a pie, a pizza, or a loaf of bread. Includes a ceramic baking sheet on which to cook and an indentation on top that allows you to pop on hot coals for nice, even heating.

Grab one at Snow Peak – $300