Snow Joe ION18SB Electric Snow Blower

The prevalence of gas-powered snow blowers is a question of snow clearing power and cordless operation. Snow Joe’s iON18SB Electric Snow Blower makes both of these a non-issue while ditching the noisy, dirty gas engine altogether. It’s equipped with a large dual bladed steel auger that eats through 500 pounds of snow per minute thanks to the 500 Watt brushless motor powering it, blasting the remains up to 20 feet away with its motorized 180 degree rotating chute that turns at the push of a button. Sufficient juice in its 40V 4Ah EcoSharp battery keeps it running through about 50 minutes of snow clearing, though a corded plug comes included just in case you’ve got a job too big to handle in under an hour (or forgot to recharge the battery and desperately need to tackle the driveway cleanup). It’s also lighter than gas models at 32 pounds, runs whisper quietly, and doesn’t directly pollute one bit.

Find it at Amazon – $360