Slow Ride IPA (Sponsored)

Anyone with a true love for their craft knows what it’s like to find themselves stressed and overworked by their own accord. Sometimes we could all use a little reminder to kick back and take a breather. And that’s what New Belgium’s Slow Ride IPA is all about. Eight intermingling varieties of hops, most notably Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin, come together in this fruity pale ale that’s complemented by an aroma of peach, lime, melon, and citrus fruits. The taste boasts a similar fruit-based sweetness that’s balanced out by the slight bitterness imparted by the hops and 4.5% alcohol content. While it’s a light bodied beer and goes down easy with a crisp, dry finish, you’ll most likely want to take this one slow and fully enjoy it with a few buddies. Ideally on some sort of couch, perhaps even one equipped with wheels and piloted by an unlicensed therapist (see the video after the jump if you’re curious).

Learn more at New Belgium – $10 or so for a 6 pack

Presented by New Belgium.